Thursday, September 05, 2013

officially a year

It's officially a year since my last post on this blog. In that time I've moved to Vancouver, done the 3-Day Novel once more, launched a few websites and ongoing services and generally felt shitty about most of it.

I guess it's a good sign that I'm writing at all?

There were big plans about moving here and doing amazing things and trying to accomplish I don't know whats, but after 365 days, another anniversary and the crest of my 35th birthday, all I can really know for sure is that I wish I was home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,

You won’t remember me, but we met at your favorite watering hole in Montreal about six years ago. I’ve been reading your blog ever since. So why is that and why tell you this now…? Well, because your blogs are full of soul, are thoughtful, witty, charismatic, insightful and just plain fun. I’ve enjoyed reading them a lot and its only right that you should know that your blogs don’t just disappear into space and there are in fact fans out there who really appreciate and admire your writing, as well as your outright honesty.

Just a comment on your last post. First, you’re officially incredible, one year later. Life is full of change and unexpected events and we roll with it, and try and enjoy the journey as best we can. You shouldn’t feel shitty about your efforts, most people don’t even know how to launch a website and definitely don’t have the discipline, imagination and creativity to even try write a novel. You should be proud of yourself.

Happy 35th birthday, the world is such a more colorful and wonderful place having you in it and I expect that wonderful things will happen for you.

Keep going! And travel well!