Sunday, September 04, 2011

Things I Want This Year

For various reasons this year, the mermaid is going minimal. That's never helpful with a birthday coming up, because that's when gifts start to materialize out of wherever. So without much adieu, here is a list of things I would much rather have than knickknacks and doodads:

A baby elephant or a rhino (or both! they can play together!)
This is one of the best-run, most successful animal rescue operations in Africa and my heart goes out to these animals who are often orphaned when their parents are shot and mutilated by poachers. Drought also leaves many small elephants homeless and helpless. If you’re going to get me anything this year, please adopt me a baby elephant who needs love from the True North.

Hey wait, there are people in Africa right?
Yes indeed. One of the worst crises to hit Africa - and that’s saying something - has left thousands of people without food, water and shelter. There’s no need for this, we produce and indeed waste enough to feed the entire world comfortably. This is a man-made environmental and social crisis and we all need to pitch in and help out. If you’re reading this before September 16th, the government of Canada will match your donation. That's for any eligible charity. I'm partial to Unicef and Doctors Without Borders. Both organizations are already on the ground and have a strong record of spending wisely.

And people here at home Stella is an amazing organization that provides emergency health and legal advice to sex workers in Montreal. These people, most of them women, are at particular risk for assault and murder, and often due to the nature of their work, cannot access legal recourse or even immediate help from police and emergency responders. They are also at risk for contracting HIV, Hepatitis C and other STIs but do not always have the same access to health care as other Canadians.

Those are the biggies. There are plenty more causes out there that do excellent work and need help, but these three are close to my heart. If you’re of a mind to give me something tangible, please keep it to a consumable. Here are some lovely things missing from my life right now:

Sazerac Rye Whiskey (so I can make these oh yums)
Kraken Rum
Kaboom! Bath Bombs
MOAR cloud storage!

In the next little while, I’ll further discuss the Great Purge that’s about to take place in my black coral castle. In the meanwhile, be generous. Be lovely.