Monday, June 13, 2011

I Fell - Stitches Out Edition

Breaking news: my stitches are out! I've been using staircases, sitting properly in chairs, even bending down to reach the bottom shelves and drawers occasionaly! Yep, it's been pretty real.

For those last few wound voyeurs out there who just can't get enough of my sexay sexay knee opening, here's what it looked like right after the stitches came out,

and here's what it looked like as of about 10 minutes ago when those bandage things came off:

It's been a wild ride folks. All I can say is thanks again to magical Ben who speeded to the rescue and stayed up late in emergency with me. Thanks to the emergency room staff and md. Holla to my peeps @work who said 'whoa!' and 'dude!'

No thanks whatsoever to the city of Montreal. You just cost the province a bunch in emergency room treatments. Fix the friggin sidewalk!

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