Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 3

Round 3 - Wednesday

Router not under warranty, lunch hour wasted @ store E1

Huny buys new router – new brand, new everything - at other store. M1

New router pricey, hopefully worth it. E1

Still no textbooks. E1

Monday class has one additional book to buy that I didn’t know about until now. E1

Jeweller recommended by friend refuses to repair pendant, suggests I mail it back to original designer. E1

Birks, wonderful, glorious Birks accepts repair for reasonable (small I think, but I have no basis of comparison) fee and agrees to have it done by early next week. M1

Impromptu date with huny. So exotic! Not @home, not in our hood. mmmmm M1

Three hours setting up new router, instructions impossible due to error in step 3. Worst: no phone number, only online chat support. Online support only. For a router. Which you need in order to...sigh. E1

Router set up and working. Wifi! M1

iTunes won’t index some of my fav music files, carried mp3 player & iPod touch around E1

Second round score: Me : 4 Everything : 7

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