Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 2

Round 2 - Tuesday

Insurance company fixes allergy serum, covered. M1

Wifi still not working, plugged in on living room floor. E1

Office still a complete shambles, aside from plant. E1

Plant disaster tidied, green saved, watered, kitties disapproved of for misbehaving. M1

(Once again, this M is really my sweetie who took care of the plant for me. My contribution included disapproving of our frenetic and often nonsensical felines. Teamwork!)

Post office open, package picked up M1

Package wasn’t textbooks, will be behind in classes by next week. E1

Back still all hurty, didn’t sleep well. E1

Still can’t get online lectures working. E1

Beautiful pendant (holiday gift) breaks when I take off my coat. E1

Second round score: Me : 3 Everything : 5

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