Thursday, January 06, 2011

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 1

Round 1 - Monday
Allergy serum finally ready, not covered. E 1

Bags and accoutrements unpacked and put away M1

Kitchen disaster area cleaned, neatened, wiped, perfect. M1

(technically this M is actually my sweetie. He did the kitchen while I unpacked and did the bathroom.)

Bathroom kitty fur, dust (gross wet bathroom dust) free, mat & towels washed, counters organized M1

Router still not working, forums say this brand is lousy and I’m now a believer. No wifi @ home, must plug laptop into short wire and work on living room floor. E1

Back hurts from earlier injury, exasperated by working on floor. E1

Online classes have additional hidden fees E1

Online lectures not streaming due to faulty internet setup E1

First round score: Me : 3 Everything : 5

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