Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 3

Round 3 - Wednesday

Router not under warranty, lunch hour wasted @ store E1

Huny buys new router – new brand, new everything - at other store. M1

New router pricey, hopefully worth it. E1

Still no textbooks. E1

Monday class has one additional book to buy that I didn’t know about until now. E1

Jeweller recommended by friend refuses to repair pendant, suggests I mail it back to original designer. E1

Birks, wonderful, glorious Birks accepts repair for reasonable (small I think, but I have no basis of comparison) fee and agrees to have it done by early next week. M1

Impromptu date with huny. So exotic! Not @home, not in our hood. mmmmm M1

Three hours setting up new router, instructions impossible due to error in step 3. Worst: no phone number, only online chat support. Online support only. For a router. Which you need in order to...sigh. E1

Router set up and working. Wifi! M1

iTunes won’t index some of my fav music files, carried mp3 player & iPod touch around E1

Second round score: Me : 4 Everything : 7

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 2

Round 2 - Tuesday

Insurance company fixes allergy serum, covered. M1

Wifi still not working, plugged in on living room floor. E1

Office still a complete shambles, aside from plant. E1

Plant disaster tidied, green saved, watered, kitties disapproved of for misbehaving. M1

(Once again, this M is really my sweetie who took care of the plant for me. My contribution included disapproving of our frenetic and often nonsensical felines. Teamwork!)

Post office open, package picked up M1

Package wasn’t textbooks, will be behind in classes by next week. E1

Back still all hurty, didn’t sleep well. E1

Still can’t get online lectures working. E1

Beautiful pendant (holiday gift) breaks when I take off my coat. E1

Second round score: Me : 3 Everything : 5

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Me versus Everything: Post Holiday Grudge Match - Round 1

Round 1 - Monday
Allergy serum finally ready, not covered. E 1

Bags and accoutrements unpacked and put away M1

Kitchen disaster area cleaned, neatened, wiped, perfect. M1

(technically this M is actually my sweetie. He did the kitchen while I unpacked and did the bathroom.)

Bathroom kitty fur, dust (gross wet bathroom dust) free, mat & towels washed, counters organized M1

Router still not working, forums say this brand is lousy and I’m now a believer. No wifi @ home, must plug laptop into short wire and work on living room floor. E1

Back hurts from earlier injury, exasperated by working on floor. E1

Online classes have additional hidden fees E1

Online lectures not streaming due to faulty internet setup E1

First round score: Me : 3 Everything : 5

Me Versus Everything

Yes, yes, alright. It’s been forever since I posted last and things are pretty good in my little pond. I had a truly enjoyable winter holiday, spent mooching around the west coast, accomplishing almost nothing, luxuriating in other people’s cooking and generally wishing for an extra week of no work or school to attend to.

As such, I knew the inevitable re-entry to my stupid...I mean, exhilarating 300 kph life would involve a healthy dose of friction. And it did indeed. I’ve had one helluva week and it’s only getting started. So in the in the fine tradition of bloggers everywhere, let me get my EMO on and set the tone for this year with a series of blog posts entitled: Me Versus Everything.

Happy New Year.