Monday, December 07, 2009

a copyright xmas present for me

Remember that time when a bunch of companies started screaming about copyright infringement and how they were being "victimized" by kids who download music and then go buy the album and tell all their friends about it?

Funniest thing, when they made a whole bunch of albums going back to the 1980's, the music companies failed to pay the COPYRIGHT FEES on the music they used. I have a warm fuzzy feeling right now. It's not just the deeply satisfying "I told you so" ringing in my head, it's the warm glow that comes from artists standing up to music companies.

These gateway companies must become a thing of the past. They don't collaborate, they don't create art, they don't support artists and their entire business model is based on theft and lies.

Anyway, the thing that makes this interesting is that it's not just an isolated case of a few artists and it's not likely the companies will just tie it up in court. It's a class action suit and the artists are suing for 6 Billion dollars. The companies have actually admitted they owe 50 Million dollars already. Oh warm glow...

Oh please please please don't settle, let the case continue and dear beings who make the holidays bearable for people like me who don't get festive, please please please make sure every name of every executive of every company who wants to sell bootlegged tracks be published in the papers with great big photos.

happy holidays ;)