Thursday, September 03, 2009

prayer of the marathon novelist

Hail all muses and inspirons who watch the weft and warp of stories.


This weekend, as I slog through the wet, gooey mess encased in bone that keeps my stories fresh and green, let not my body fuse with the upholstery in my chair like that lady who was surgically removed from her couch.

May my plots be thick and glossy, may my dialogue be rhythmic and strong. Keep annoyances and interruptors from my door when I have a flow going, and send inspiration when I don't.

Extend for just this weekend, the opening hours of my local wine shop and keep the panic from me at 4 am when dawn arrives and I'm not even close to how far I want to be.

May the power stay on, may our laptops stay lit. May the music flow freely and no telemarketers disrupt my progress.

For the next three days.


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