Friday, September 04, 2009

novel marathon checklist

At 12:01 am, a scant 16 hours and 46 minutes from now, I hole myself up to get a laptop tan and wreck my wrist and arm tendons with 3 days of typing, glass lifting and hair pulling.

Am I ready?

Idea, check. Outline, check. Main characters, check. Red wine, check. White wine, nearly out need more. Iguana food, check. Research materials, check. Coffee, need more. Black teas, check. Candles to burn and invoking the gods of tenacity and sheer luck, check. Black slate altar for ritual slaughter of unsuspecting goat when all else fails and writers block can only be lifted by hailing the gods of chaos in a fury of entrails, check - move to middle of basement nearer drain than last time.

Spit roast drill attachment - thank you Jamie, great idea - for celebratory meal after writer's block vanquished. Mint sauce and chipotle peppers, check.

checklist to check against when right side of brain rears it's ugly head and insists that sleeping the entire weekend just isn't going to happen, check.

Pencils, paper....oh no

1 comment:

Allison said...

Ye gods... Nanowrimo is hard enough for the likes of me. A novel in *three days*??

Good luck! (Also... have you *got* the unsuspecting goat? Those can be hard to find on short notice).

- Allison/Amazon. ;-)