Monday, September 07, 2009

Day The Third

This is the home stretch. Last night our hero narrowly escaped lots of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and the last two scenes are crystalizing as we speak.

A very annoyed reptile was kept up until a truly late hour when finally all scribblers, onlookers, psychic cheerleaders and invoked, then discarded gods were unceremoniously ousted from the circle of creation so we could all get some shut eye.

Everything is rushed this morning. Leap out of bed, leap into shower, slather products from random bottles onto hair and body. Shake dry. Frenetic ballet in kitchen as veggies are chopped for bored and pissy reptile, egg fries while dishes tossed willy nilly into dishwasher. Coffee. Grinder sounds like reverse thrust of 747 Jet. Toast bell sounds like alarm from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Chew too quickly, bite lip, wipe away small drip of blood. Fling iguana food into cage, throw breakfast plate into dishwasher, fling body into chair in front of laptop.

Work tomorrow is going to be a boring, tiring grind.

Novel Ho.

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