Friday, September 04, 2009

4 hours out

iMac is in the office, lizard is trying to sleep and giving off restless annoyed vibes. left wrist brace is in front of my keyboard, house mostly tidy, water on boil for carby delicious pesto pasta. Best if served with bits of fresh apricot.

6 bottles of red, one a cheeky pinot from down under and a california that tastes like christmas. fake plants moved, outline ready, word loaded on pc laptop, word for mac loaded on iMac. Every episode of Blacks Books, The Big Bang Theory, Kath and Kim AU, Kath and Kim US ready for procrastination and solving writer's block direct from 1TB harddrive. I should have done more research. No time now.

Appropriate sigils chalked on basement floor, rhodes and amp covered to avoid spiritual splatter. Spices mixed in shaker, partner on way with blender for fruity goodness tequila drinks. Rubber aprons, gas masks and nosegays ready. Stereo set up in every room including bathroom.

Bad Plus loaded on mp3 player and other harddrive in living room. Donny McCaslin and Vanessa Rodriguez on laptop player.

Pasta boiling, partner on the way.

Now we wait.

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Laura said...

Good luck! Less than half an hour to go!!!