Friday, September 26, 2008

The best birthday present I could ever get:

Oh Sarah, who are the good guys?

wow! and why is it better to bail out private companies? oh, what does it hafta be all about?

jeepers! I just love it when strong, intelligent women set an example for ladies like me everywhere. good on ya Katie.

*CBS got pretty ad crazy, so these videos are now youtube links.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 decades of sushi

A September birthday insists on parties inside as nights are already too chilly for comfortable terrace drinking. Frosh tends to interrupt celebrations, coffees are becoming more complicatedly warm instead of frozen, and four times out of five, there's an election.

I always thought being treated like a credulous idiot on my birthday would cease as my age advanced. I am no longer asked to believe a clown has pushed a pin through a balloon without breaking it or to give sincere sounding thanks to an aunt that thought socks might be a good idea. Why then the constant barrage of insistence from all 4 candidates and their strategists and the media that I take at face value anything that might be said or done in the hopes of getting a vote?

As for the maneuvering from everyone, it's sadly this time like watching Machiavelli's retarded cousin trying to be canny and, oh dear, sly. The poop is out of the puffin this time, and frankly I've come to expect being called stupid by the Harper conservatives. I say Harper because there are other cons out there from the rational world who would never dream of including pixies and count-dracula ghosts in a website opposing a liberal platform. These guys have been treating Canadians like they're idiots who want nothing more than cheap jokes and funny pictures to get through a political debate, and the liberals are worsening the situation by agreeing.

How often has Dion had to dumb down the idea of a carbon tax? If he can't communicate, surely the liberal party of Canada can afford to hire someone who can. The NDP enjoy every second they get to appear tapped in and turned on and intellectually happening, never once imagining that their policies do need further explanation beyond the boardroom table/kitchen table dumb-down I've been fed.

I'd expound on the Bloc but I'm honestly just too tired. I'm a federalist living in a riding where the Silver Fox has never lost an election. He and Elizabeth can toast their nearly-theres on debate night.

In less than two hours I'll be thirty. I had hoped that by now I'd have lived through enough disappointment, frustration and machinations from these petty, power hungry wolverines that the system would be more intelligent, not less. I've heard nothing about Copyright, nothing about Women and nothing about Afghanistan that hasn't been said before this campaign.

I'm not an idiot gentlemen. And neither are many of us out here. Don't treat me like a credible, bleary-eyed yahoo and don't at all assume that when I demand an explanation you can get away with less than 100 words outlining your idea and how you'll implement it.

Make me want 60 more years of leadership. Right now I'm looking at midnight with deep dread and sad dismay.