Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Bling

I don't have summer bling. It's forty degrees with one hundred percent humidity, I have rounded toe flats with sticky insides, a black sarong and hair in a clip. Shirt optional. The bling saw me today, sneered at my black cotton ensemble from across the subway. It never looks like it's supposed to. Across from me in the metro, gold shoes shone along the outside of red, blistered toes. A tight leopard tube top rolled out over itself, exposing the top of the strapless bra beneath. A matching tan canvas and brown leather bag frayed out of its season, hastily ripped from the closet this first day of summer. Iridescent eyeshadow glinted out from acne-studded faces, lips swelled with cherry gloss and plump sun-sores. Arms dimpled with freckles and lightly burned bustle me on and off the cool, underground trains. It might be the fluorescents, or just me that is unkind, but the only summer bling that has delivered on its promise is the strobing, glitter covered cell phone, smooth and skinless, held to an oily ear.

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