Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's been a quite week in lake woebegone, and small pebbles seem to be turning in lively acelleration. The book isn't out yet, but a fun little ditty I did on campaign finance reform will be appearing in the Voices of the Future anthology from Elder & Leemaur Publishers. Deep Blue rants can now be seen on, an awesome new online publication devoted to filthy, toothless high-spin kicks. Here's a link to the first of many eloquent screams that float to the surface from between my lips: Up Close With Goldie.

I've been flexing the gooey grey this year, so there hasn't been alot of extra time for screeching about the SPP, the torpid foot-dragging that is this years parliament and the blooming international food crisis. Motley Fool is an investment advisory site who this year is suggesting savvy investors buy stocks in water and sewage utilities as this precious commodity is soon to boom on the world stage and it's so important that it will never be deregulated leaving utilities protected from competition. I could cry, but I wouldn't want to make anyone else any money from it.

A paper I wrote on the portrayal of Muslim women in Western Media has been nominated for an award. I'm very pleased about it and depending on how it goes I might be able to post a link to it or it's publication soon.

I'll be posting more over the summer months, and until then, keep it turning, don't eat the chum if you can help it.

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