Friday, May 16, 2008

the beat of your drum

The systolics were off today, this was one of those awful days that make other, more livable days so much more enjoyable based on simple comparison. Little sleep, deep pain in my left ear, rushed, tiny breakfast and a trip across town for the benefit of a complete jackass to waste my time. One of those days.

Rushed on the way to work after and stupid, co-dependent nonsense from coworkers who can't take care of their own tasks. Is there any adult human who truly feels no responsibility for coming back to you several times on an issue they are supposed to handle and then trying to transfer the work directly to you because they don't want to keep going back and forth? How about doing your own work and realizing that being part of the workforce means not trying to dump extra work on others when you turn out to be incompetent?

By 6 I've eaten my delicious and healthy salad and I can't continue my life without an earl grey and a brownie the size of my chest cavity. The space surrounding my office is fully enclosed, several foodcourts that are all underground and without natural light. I had gone on a short brownie search during a 15-minute mid-day break, and the only close resemblance there was to a tea and a chocolate confection was the green monster itself: Starbucks.

I'm not big on the evil empire, and I'm generally not willing to purchase anything from them on the basis that it's there anyway. Given that, I wasn't sure if the quotes on the cups displayed at the cash were normal, or some kind of new medium. The choice caught me off guard: attributed to Newt Gingrich, "On the battlefield of ideas, winning requires moving toward the sound of the guns." In principle, this might be interesting. The historical significance comes from a battlefield tactic favoured by american civil war generals. I can't necessarily fault it, not being a general of any stripe, but I wonder how it might apply to Starbucks.

Would the fact that wave after wave of low-ranking men be killed have a parallel in Starbucks' low-level employees and the farmers their product is purchased from? What of the significance on the 'battlefield of ideas'? Surely someone in the PR department deep in Seattle's heartland recalls that Starbucks recently stole the names of coffee beans from the Eithiopian people who produce and sell them. As such, I find it unwise to promote bloody resistance to backwards-thinking ideologues whose way of life is rapidly becoming extinct.

I pondered this as I scarfed down a wide brown wad of sugar, strikingly similar in appearance to a compressed wad of tobacco, and sipped my non-fair-trade, third-world nation subjugating earl grey tea. These thoughts stayed with me throughout my shift at the telecom, where I respond to customers who subscribe to a service predicated on simple theft: we sell air.

I hope to sleep tonight, and resolve the incessant skipping that makes my breath come short and shallow. I'll take my very civilized Darjeeling in the kitchen from a box purchased meters from my home and leave the phone off the hook for one day.


Ben the Righteous! said...

if you let these things bother you, the world seems shitty.

if you just live your life, it seems nice.

Stop thinking, it's bad for you.

Also I love you

Freshwater Mermaid said...

not thinking gets us into these messes in the first place!