Tuesday, January 01, 2008

covert piano rescue

This piano:

rescued piano

was in a house in Vancouver that was slated for demolition. I was there over the holiday where I met the house piano and this one. Friends of friends knew the people who had lived in the house and when they left it was more work to save than to demolish. The city was going to go in and the piano was going to go with it, so spicy K crept in the window while mom got a van and pulled it around front late one night. They hauled and rolled and now this piano lives in their house on the floor below their household piano. It needs some care, the tuning is off and it could use some cleaning. There was a bong sitting inside it and god knows what else.

It will take some time to resurrect, it will take some care and patience. But that piano is not going to dust with the mouldy house. Not today.

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