Monday, January 28, 2008

and now...sports

The american state of the union was on when I got home tonight, and being a junkie, once it was on I couldn't stop watching. Many things irked, annoyed, distressed and vexed me, 911 was sung out like hosannas and of course I was told how great the Iraq war is and that it should continue.

Sandwiched between these two upsetting ideas, was the announcement that the Summit of the Americas, that's us, the US and Mexico, will be held this year in the great city of New Orleans. It is not only the symbol that bothers me.

The words rang out after commending the people of the Gulf Coast, failing to mention the egregious and inhuman reaction of the bush administration, the private insurance companies and the Red Cross to the disaster, the president continued by simply making the announcement and going on to safer ground. (pun intended)

Can I safely point out that the last thing the people of the Gulf Coast need is the insane amount of security forces that come with international delegations? Can it be reasonably pointed out that in gearing up for this summit the local security forces will be hiring like crazy and the jails will surely be brought up to standard faster than the hospitals and schools. And where are all these people staying? In the public housing that survived the storm but is now being knocked down in order to build limited public housing on a two-tiered feudal system?

I wonder these things. I sit and I ponder that representatives of my government who have gutted my social system and broken our industries in two, representatives of the bush administration who make me want to puke in my soup, and representatives of Mexico, who have done nothing and will continue to do nothing and who stand elected on the body count of hundreds of women, will meet in a broken city. A city where those who needed help helped each other. Where those who faced madness and skin-peeling winds were ignored. They will sit in this city and marvel at the poverty, the new constructions, the resilience, the quiet judgment of its people.

The city truly unto itself, the first american city-state not by secession, but by abandonment, this island of non-recognition, of failed citizenship will host three leaders who wish to do nothing more but keep going.

I won't be there, my health does not permit it. But good news for me that night would be news from local reporters of an uncontrollable riot. And a guillotine.

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