Monday, December 10, 2007

Sound Opinion

Here is a link to a great radio show discussing the recent lawsuits against university students in Oregon.

soundopinions show

1 In what is turning into a regular Sound Opinions segment: “The Recording Industry vs. The Consumer,” Jim and Greg turn this week to a news item coming out of Oregon. Earlier this year the RIAA filed a lawsuit accusing 17 unnamed suspected University of Oregon students of illegally sharing music. The suspects are identified only by an Internet address, and industry lawyers have demanded that the university identify them. Previously when the RIAA has done this, universities cooperate. But the University of Oregon’s response has been quite remarkable. UO officials are refusing to identify the students without an investigation, saying that this would compromise their privacy and property rights. Oregon’s Attorney General has backed the school and is accusing the RIAA of bullying. Jim and Greg speak to Tony Green, a reporter at the Oregonian, about what is fast becoming a contentious battle.

Here are more links to the show notes.

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