Monday, December 17, 2007


It got drafty this morning in the offices of several high-profile communications companies. Worldwide Pants, producer of Late Night with David Letterman and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has taken steps towards negotiating with the writers union on an individual basis. In response to one of their production companies going off on their own and proposing an individual negotiation, the AMPTP suggested that the writer's union was disorganized and directionless.

Worldwide Pants has offered an interim agreement largely in line with the demands of the writers. In this way, the shows in question can continue, the writers can tentatively get what they deserve and negotiations can be pursued in a renewed spirit of partnership rather than opposition. Am I waxing too poetic? I was raised on picket lines and believe me, nothing is duller than standing around all day getting splinters from a sign proclaiming your wish to do your job.

I wish to congratulate the producers at Worldwide Pants for basing their offers on the power of thought. They have something they want done, they tacitly acknowledge the demands of their writers and they are coming to the table in order to meet a goal of producing rather than dismantling. Let's hope some of the bigger players get a whiff of good business practices in the days to come.

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