Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Made in Canada

While I've been on the subject of our beloved Industry Minister espousing policies against Canadian industry, this seems like a great time to discuss why our government is actually preventing a successful company from selling Canadian products in Canada. The ZENN car, Zero Emissions No Noise, runs on a battery that is plugged into a regular socket. It is being sold in Europe and the United States, but not here, because until recently, it was illegal on the road. It has been approved now, with the requirement that provinces individually regulate it's use individually. It's available in B.C. only right now, though it is made in Quebec.

It's a publicly traded company as of now and I love using money to stick it to the federal government. This year, I'm buying Canadian.


Anonymous said...

but if the car doesn't make a sound, does it really fall in the woods?

and how will girls know how big my junk is if I can't rev. the engine while cruisin' the beach?

Freshwater Mermaid said...

You could paint giant junk on the front of it and air-brush "silent running" on the side...