Sunday, December 02, 2007

further and further from reality

The following video depicts a pregnant woman undergoing electrocution by law enforcement:

So, in the delightful video, we see a pregnant woman being electrocuted by police. She is only arrested after the incident at which point she is agitated. In a spectacularly blithe fashion, the officer interviewed displays the traditional response of blaming the victim for the for the actions of aggressors. This is a constant worldwide usually in cases of rape and sexual assault. Dare I bother to mention that Thomas A. Smith Electric Rifles are not to be used on pregnant women? Is there any reason at all to comment on the judgment of a male police officer who calls a crying woman "agitated". She was trying to drop off her child that day and became upset when the conversation started up. In this case, a hanky would have sufficed as an introductory device.

Of course, she should have told them she was pregnant, she should have announced it, she shouldn't have gotten upset, she shouldn't have thrashed around in fright, she should have offered her other arm. Blaming the victim: the safest net available for law enforcers everywhere.

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