Sunday, December 09, 2007

Committment to disclosure

The following can be found on the website of Canadian Heritage

Copyright Policy Branch

The Copyright Policy Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage, in co-operation with the Intellectual Property Policy Directorate of Industry Canada, is responsible for formulating and implementing an integrated Canadian copyright policy.

Its task is to develop an up-to-date legislative framework and to continually improve the balance of copyright protection in Canada. This involves taking into account legal and technological developments which affect copyright protection, whether in Canada or abroad.

The Copyright Policy Branch works with creators, authors, producers, user groups, interest groups and the public at large to develop appropriate policies underlying the Copyright Act.

The Copyright Policy Branch Web site is intended to:

* provide general information to the public;
* update stakeholders on a regular basis about copyright - related news and developments;
* seek comments from and generally consult with stakeholders and other interested parties on legislative proposals, discussion papers and other policy documents.

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