Tuesday, November 20, 2007

writer's strike

As a writer used to being uncompensated for carefully crafted work (this blog notwithstanding the 'crafted' assertion), I sympathize utterly with the writers in hollywood who are on strike until their demands for proper compensation are met. I've heard some pretty nasty things being said about the underpaid creative class, along the lines of 'they're greedy', 'they're insulting blue collar workers and labour unions', 'they are already overpaid', etc. Well, since writers are particularly well-suited to getting their messages out, I found some wonderful explanations of the dispute from the writers themselves. Ironically the main point of contention between the writers and the studios they work for is internet rights and the internet is where the information is being delivered.

Here's one from the writers of the Daily Show:

This next one is from the Office:

This is from the Writers Guild of America:

From the good people who bring us the Simpsons:

From Seth MacFarlane (btw, Family Guy was cancelled and brought back due to huge dvd sales which writers were not compensated for):

An eloquent and passionate dissection of the situation by Tim Kazurinsky (Sweetchuck from Police Academy, writer of various shows and movies):

Here is a great one where the studio owners themselves discuss financial rewards of internet television. Their main argument against the strike is that internet content is valueless.

Finally, one of my favourites from a while ago. It doesn't have to do with the strike directly, but it's a perfect outline of the sentiment studios have towards their writers and production staff. Thanks Lewis Black, for so eloquently identifying it:

Join the virtual picket line here: Hollywood Interrupted

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