Tuesday, October 02, 2007

under the cloud cover

It's raining in Burma right now. There is too much cloud cover for satellites to get clear shots of where the monks are being hauled away to in trucks by the thousand. I imagine some people higher up than me are hypothesizing about where the most likely camps are. Here are before and after shots of a military camp being expanded, and a small village being destroyed. The American Association for the Advancement of Science captured these photos via satellite and have been monitoring progress in Burma since 2000. This coup was certainly huge and fast, but the military has been building towards this for years. Perhaps that is why they were so willing to shoot into the crowd, they've been operating this way for almost two decades, this is simply the next escalation.

In a Buddhist country where bodies are cremated, we won't find mass graves in the jungle. Only scented ash and wonder.

I won't be so naive as to hope that we'll actually send any reinforcements to a country on China's doorstep. But I at least hope that when the clouds part and we can see down through our collective lens again to where the monks were brought, there is one or two left alive to tell the tale.

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Craig Sauvé said...

Hey Freshwater, long time, no see!

China, China, China. Thanks for ignoring yet another stomping of human rights in your backyard. Probably because you would be seen -rightly- as a hypocrite if you were to condemn other nation for abusing its citizens. Not to worry, there are sympathetic ears for your foul cries...I'm looking your way Russia!