Thursday, October 25, 2007

They've done it again

This time the victim was a distraught woman in a grocery store in Vancouver. She was brandishing knives and threatening other customers, apparently stabbing the fruit. The police in question moved in to stun the girl, but I wonder, did they think they couldn't take her? She was threatening produce, with dangerous weapons true, but there must be a way other than electrocution for a police officer to subdue a distraught person apparently out of touch with their surroundings.

There is a slapstick quality to this case, along with several others from the states that have been highly publicized. We see a body shake under electric shock and it's funny. It looks like a cartoon or a television show. We expect smoke to curl out from the ears of the victim or perhaps for the body to twitch comically in the aftermath. We certainly expect the electrocuted person to submit meekly to the wishes of their shocker, so a discussion now is beginning where we blame the victim and wonder what they were doing in the first place to merit an attack.

The company making and profiting from these devises is called TASER. It is not the acme company that blew up Wile E. Coyote so many times and it is not held to the same manufacturing standards as electric-cattle prods or electrified fences are in this country.

I hope the woman survives the shock tonight and tells us about it tomorrow.

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Craig Sauvé said...

Man, you're really all over this taser thing!

Well, somebody needs to make some noise about it. Bravo!