Thursday, October 18, 2007

One of our own, by one of our own

This is becoming insane.

A Quebec man died in hospital last night after being electrocuted by Montreal police on an intoxicated driving incident. The man was driving erratically and when police pulled him over they claimed he became excited and had to be subdued. He was electrocuted with a TASER and brought to hospital in critical condition. He died last night.

Is this the answer to the overcrowding in our prisons? Shall we burden the budget of Health Canada with hundreds of Canadians dead by unnecessary electrical surge in order to alleviate penal congestion? And what of the doctors who must deal with these cases? They have strict guidelines that prevent them from administering electrical shocks to even very disturbed individuals. A consensus of opinion is needed before such a practice along with the attempt at patient consent and proper anesthetization.

Our police by whatever motive are killing us. I choose to believe it is due to an untested, unregulated, dangerous device that we have insisted they use in the line of duty. No-one signs up for the police academy hoping to be responsible for someone's death one day.

The man hit no-one, posed a danger only to himself and faced a penalty under the criminal code of Canada, a public document. Instead of a hearing, he got a shock.

He was one of us. He lost control of his patience, something we are all known to do, and last night he died in a hospital bed in this province; in this country.

Of electrocution.

Make Canada T.A.S.E.R. Free

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