Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Is it coincidence that an epic battle between me and my father came just last Friday as the troops donned their helmets and walked out into the glory of by-election campaigning? It had been going on for a while already, but the crunch came on the weekend when the Liberals finally remembered to show up for a bit to find the riding's dance card already full.

I had crazy dreams and weird hyperactivity while the good people of Ontario drew conclusions about the nature of church and education. I can't help but notice how often I get to yelling about a change coming, and then when it all seems out of control, the tide turns left.

The gains by the Conservatives in other ridings bother me. There is a huge xenophobic vote in this province which the sovereigntists have always made off with like bandits. This time it's Blue or Bust and the battered Bloc looks on amazed. Dion looked sad, truly sad. He can see the end of his political career from here, and some are now speculating if the Liberal party should start putting resources into Quebec. Too little, too late. The memories here are long, and the tolerance of pandering is at an all time low these days.

The NDP win fundamentally changes the political landscape of my beloved country. The most progressive, social and steadfast province in the country has usually held her ground with a strong sovereign message. Using it to stand up to federal negotiations, for good or bad, always gave us a trump card. Now the federalists are going to have to stand face to face with each other instead of the glacial blue stare of a self-interested nation-leader. The ground fights will be filthy and entertaining.

If it can be seen that the NDP can stand for the values and desires of Quebec as a province, we might have some hope yet for the rest of the country. I shall not be careful what I wish for today, the next federal election certainly won't happen this year as neither the Liberal or Bloc party can benefit from it. I'm betting on 2009, just enough time for Danny Williams to found the Progressive Conservative Party of our time. Imagine for a moment how much fun a clash of the giants would be with Williams head-to-head with Layton for leadership of this country while simultaneously ousting Harper to the oil-slicked ring of hell I've carved out for him! He and Preston Manning could open a small taco-stand in Medicine Hat and console each other on cold winter nights.

I can see it now, a joyful if far-fetched circumstance. An election with a choice of leaders to vote for instead of against.


Craig Sauvé said...

refreshing indeed, dear mermaid. The NDP are doing their utmost in order to deliver the liberty of choice in la belle province.

And what's with the scorn for Preston -I'd have thought you'd like him. Besides, he's more of a steak sandwich man.

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Shit! What on earth makes you think I'd like....unless this is some of that irony I've been hearing about...