Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lest we remember

It's the next day after the 6th anniversary. I didn't know what to say then, I don't know what to say now. We all shook, there was a little shock, a little awe, and then the dumbest excursion since the Bay of Pigs which is still going on even now.

I'm a grudge-cuddler. I don't tend to give in when it comes right down to most things. As I recall I still haven't heard a retraction or apology for Canada's border being blamed for the incident. I haven't heard any kind of accountability for the torture of Maher Arar from either government involved. All kinds of freakish nonsense was slung back and forth during the second election since the war started. We seem to be exhausted, our minds wishing for some small relief while we are asked by our leaders almost daily to stretch and wrap our cranial taffy around the most insidious, self-destructive stupidity they can contrive.

Shall I wail today? The body count of women in Juarez is over a thousand now. Flowers flutter on pink crosses in the desert. We wait for respite, an end to the killing. New Orleans is quickly being gentrified into an acceptable back-lot for Trent, whose house needs a better view than the poor and the desperate. Darfur is a memory, the Sudan a country that doesn't matter, that never has mattered to anyone who stole a generation of it's citizens to haul cotton in the newly-gentrified homeland. The First Nations people stand smaller and more forgettable daily. Native women are still sterilized routinely, there is no need then to continue to hunt them.

We are a world and at times when the profiteers can and do, we lose ourselves. We see our connections, so fragile, torn to pieces amid exchanges of paper and knowing looks on white faces. Shall I remember today that hundreds of people who's full-time work required them to know about terrorist attacks warned the sitting "president" that such an attack was imminent? Shall I recall today that he did not win the presidency, but sat anyway, where he was told. Shall I recall the faces of those who didn't want any of this? Who never imagined this was a good idea? Shall we mourn for Uncle Milty, who was so proud these last few years?

I have wrung demands over and over for a leader with intelligence, charisma and vision. Another anyone who can and will stand for life and illumination over death and circular nonsense. I have heard no answer, no apology, no intention to change the "status quo", to "disturb the peace" to insist on better.

Today, the sixth anniversary of the next day, let us look to who we are now, lest we forget that all of us everywhere, were born human.


Craig Sauvé said...

Afghanistan IS a unmitigated disaster.

We're completely destroying our credibility in the framework of international politics. Today, we voted (alongside only the U.S., the Aussies and New Zealand) against the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 'Disgrace' ain't a strong enough word.

Freshwater Mermaid said...

That 'we' most certainly doesn't include me or my aquatic compatriots. Hopefully it'll be an election issue, if there ever is another one.

Our credibility has been eroding for several decades. The blue-helmet missions we used to focus on and even spearhead where other countries were reluctant to put resources have been getting fewer and fewer every year. We're paying lipservice to our title of "peacekeeper" and since the Mulroney/Reagan Free market hootenanny of the mid-eighties, human rights haven't been on our agenda in any real way. Still waiting for another Tommy Douglas, another Trudeau, another Lester B. I'd suggest an X chromosome in there, but it's a long time coming.

We're going to have to do it the roundabout way, peace and self-determination in spite of our govt, rather than due to it. Again, by 'our' I certainly don't mean mine!