Saturday, September 15, 2007

exorcism: in case you should need it.

Get thee where satan?

Behind me? No. I want you right in front where I can see you. I know you're there, you were able to implant your thoughts into my mind, your beliefs that disguise themselves as mine. I know what happens when I sound the triggers. The self-destruction device also implanted at the time of my creation activates at certain words. When you get trapped, when you feel less like a victim, when you demand my attention, when you suddenly have to stand on your own. These are times of fear and discomfort. These are times that you see as unfair. This is when the red button flashes and I start to shake and melt. Chunks fall from me and splat gelatinous at your feet. You can feed on them or pick up my acidic frame to console yourself with.

Get thee before me devil, so I can prod you along at the length of a choke-staff. Keep your hands where I can see them always. I command you now: step out from behind my right shoulder, stand and face me coward. Do not turn as I exorcise your tantrums, your demands are yours, not mine to nurture.

Get thee before me devil, turn and stand upright to hear my confession. Spout your lies and refusals; they are of no consequence. Face me and see what you have done.

Get thee before me devil, your redemption is not in my power or responsibility.

Leave devil, turn and be your own. Get thee before me, that I turn and leave you in your circle. Wail to all you wish, your screams are dense enough to float me peacefully to freedom.

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