Sunday, July 01, 2007

My comment on the Great Canadian Wish List

The CBC undertook a social experiment with Facebook titled the Great Canadian Wish List. Anyone could wish for literally anything and people could support wishes they agree with. The wishes are grouped, but not categorized for the finish: the wish with the most support at the end gets an hour of air time on July 1st, Canada Day.

Since the list got hijacked by crazed-right-wing mouth frothers, I started my own wish, that more survivors would report rape. The top three wishes held strong at Abolish Abortion at number 1, Revive the Spiritual Nature of this Country (spiritual means God-god, not Allah-god or Yaweh-god or any other heathen nonsense we've had to put up with over the years. Certainly no Goddesses!) and third, to Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage in our Country. Traditional in this case means man on woman, porn under the bed and Britney's 36hr nuptial spree doesn't count.

In the end, a wish to keep abortion legal in this country made it to second, but only by a hair. There's talk all over the place of cheating, spamming etc. Mostly it's just a huge letdown. I had hoped for a response sort of like David Suzuki's what would you do for Canada challenge on youtube, where Canadians would submit their ideas for what Canada needs most. It was fun, sometimes whimsical, always innovative and good-spirited. This was simply a bored group of unenlightend malcontents who want to set back the entire civil-rights movement including women, gays and anyone who isn't Christian (and actively so) back to the stone age.

As such, I commented on the CBC blog of what I think of the breakdown of topics in the wish forum. You will find the comment in it's entirety below:

How truly fitting that a man, who as such will never have to go through an abortion except as perhaps an observer, would begin and promote a wish to abolish a right women have over their bodies.

Moreover, the description of the nature of the wish is juvenile at best: taking life = murder, ergo abortion is murder. If that lack of subtlety was true, women would be jailed everywhere for the thousands of fertilized eggs that are expelled from their bodies naturally by menstruation.

I am willing to have a discussion with anyone who disagrees with me, given that the discussion is truly an honest look at different opinions. In this case, rather than having a discussion with me and and many who support the right of women to choose, we are accused of outright murder and abortion is shown to be some kind of insidious plot being forced on young uneducated girls who don't know about the wonders of adoption.

Of all things to wish for in this great nation, for human rights for First Nations citizens who suffer in disgusting and unacceptable poverty, for more investment in healthcare and universal drug coverage, for universal child-care for all Canadian children, of all these choices and more, why spend the time and energy to popularize a medical myth?

I am thoroughly disappointed and my only comfort is that the majority of the country doesn't have a facebook account and doesn't intend to bother with such things.

I had hoped for an intelligent discussion on any number of subjects. Instead I got a guy who can't get in on the action of giving birth, and like so many others, is trying to curb what procreative rights he can as a limp standby with nothing but obtuse, self-righteous ferver.

Thank goodness no-one watches television on Canada Day.

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Craig Sauvé said...

WHAMMO! you said it, girlfriend.

CBC's 'The G.C.W.' really ended up laying a rotten egg, eh?!