Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clusters: Together we will cure cancer

I'm not even kidding with this.

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at the University of Alberta has found a small molecule that shrinks significantly, effectively killing, cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Research at the University of Alberta is underway as we speak; currently testing has been done on small animals who have been given cancer. Their tumours shrank significantly in a matter of weeks.

The drug itself has already been in use for several decades as a treatment for genetic mitochondrial illness in children. Since the 30's it has been known that in cancer patients, these cells do not function properly and it was widely believed that the damage to them from cancer was permanent.

Dr. Michelakis refuted this belief with research and we now have a drug in the testing stage that could effectively kill breast, lung and brain cancer.

Funding is not available from the pharmaceutical companies who stand to profit indefinitely by keeping people sick. In Canada we have an advantage because Health Canada is funded by our tax dollars. As such, should funding not be provided to a possible cure, the pharmaceutical companies are effectively robbing us of tax dollars by keeping people who could potentially be cured in the health care system. This is advantageous because the government stands to benefit financially by funding a cure for cancer rather than looking at the roundabout funding that is aimed directly at members of parliament from the pharmaceutical companies. The budget of Health Canada is directly involved in this process.
I will not expound on the human rights issue raised by failing to heavily fund a cure for cancer as it should be self-evident.

At this link a donation can be made directly to the university project to continue their research and possibly begin testing on human subjects. Donations can be made by mail or electronically.

My hope is that enough people will donate what they can to assist in a CURE for cancer, unpatented and therefore cheap for all people, everywhere.

Here too are links to contact the Government of Canada, who I feel should heavily fund this research (dumptrucks full of money is what I'm thinking).

Tony Clement (Minister of Health)

Also, here is how to contact the leaders of the four major political parties who should all act to mandate drug companies to fund cure research where viable. Let Algopharm make their money off of viagra and athletes foot treatments.

Prime Minister, Stephen Harper
Opposition Leader, Stephane Dion
NDP Leader, Jack Layton
Bloc Quebecois Leader, Gilles Duceppe

Get it out there everyone. Together we will cure cancer.


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