Sunday, July 01, 2007


What do I have to say about this particular Canada Day? It's cold! I'm put in mind of one of the last Canada Days when I really let it all out. I have vague, tiny vignettes of most of it from the next day when I woke up soaking wet in my bed still in my clothes and experiencing slow death.

The kitchen was downstairs at this particular place, it was a small townhouse I shared with 3 roommates. I rolled off of my futon, still propped up into a couch and clumsily stripped off my soaking clothes. I slowly pulled on my pjs, kind of a struggle, but happening in slow motion because everything was spinning and moving too quickly made everything hurt. I crawled to the bathroom and vomited almost immediately, but there wasn't much to come up. It didn't occur to me to get water from the bathroom sink, not much was occurring to me at that point, so I bent in half and staggered downstairs.

I got the water and came back up to my room instead of just lying down on the couch. My room upstairs was close to the bathroom and I knew I would be visiting there again. I lay on my couch wondering what had happened, how I got home, why I was so wet and truly if my present condition constituted a good Canada Day the day before.

The celebrations here are not the same as they are in our Nation's Capital. By varying degrees of lame, the celebrations are still one of the only days of the year that Ottawa is a tolerable destination for anyone. Here St. Jean is the big one and Canada Day is more of a lucky draw because we get two holidays off in a row, either two Fridays or two Mondays.

When I first moved here I wondered what the party was going to be about since naturally Montreal is a bigger party town than Ottawa. The celebrations were sad and disappointing as I only discovered later that it was truly not a big deal.

This year should be good. Jazzfest is going on right now, so that will be the main focus of celebration. I'm sure someone will do something a few blocks up, perhaps a small gathering of the only nationalists in the province, perhaps a small parade. The day is bright, cool and already half over. I intend to make the most of it.

Though I hope tomorrow not to awaken soaking wet and hoping for death.

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