Monday, June 18, 2007

Canada Inc.

I have many complaints about the current Conservative leadership in Canada. I've got many good reasons, not the least of which is the slow erosion of what our country is. I don't feel that only they were are part of this. The previous Liberal government went way too far into the North American union for my liking and the Maher Arar scandal along with recent pesticide integration, the no-fly list, are a few of many reasons for me not to trust them.

It's not just a matter of policy. Our news-gathering entities seem to be hamstrung at showing much of what is happening. When a pot-activist was arrested by the RCMP at the request of the DEA, it was news for two days. There has been no huge public outcry about the Canadian in Guantanamo and our answer to the softwood lumber debacle was truly disheartening.

I find Mr. Harper to be a failure at running this country. I find that rather than treating his post as that of the head of a governing body with a responsibility to the quality of life of 30 million people and our resources, instead he is treating this nation as though he is the president of a company with shareholders to answer to. He is behaving as though we are employees: valued, but expendable. He is treating our culture as something of commerce that can be traded for economic gain. His policy of cutting spending is laudable, just as it was under Diefenbaker's conservatives. They still however realized that spending our resources on preserving a standard quality of life in this country is the goal of a governing body.

The next SPP (the security and prosperity partnership) summit will take place in Montebello QC. There the leaders of our country, the US and Mexico will discuss border security, bulk water transfers, homogenization of pesticide use, bulk oil transfers and many others. Advised and indeed formed by the most powerful group of CEOs here, this partnership is seen by several states and at least two Canadians (me and Murray Dobbin) as a huge step towards integrating all three north american countries into one large union, lead by guess who?

The US president is the leader of a country, it's people. The title is not CEO of North America Inc, Principal Shareholder in Canada Inc. and Mexico Inc. We are diverse and different. In the past we have been able to partner, we each have our specializations and we are able to independently support each other. By becoming one, we lose a fundamental part of each of us.

Harper's fantasy about the sound governance of corporate citizenship will threaten all of us in ways not yet tangible. As such I must once again hail Danny Williams and his ABC plan for the next election: Anything But Conservative.

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Craig Sauvé said...

I really believe that Harper et al. believe themselves to be doing the right thing for Canada, but I also believe that they're fundamentally mistaken.

You know what my orientation is politically: I am happy about DW causing damage to the cons credibility, but I ain't all about ABC. I am with Nader: not less worse all the time, or you get the American political climate (read: load 'a bollocks).

Vote for what you want, Tabarnak!

We in the New Democratic Party feel that the Libs can be as conservative as the tories at times and are not interested in them.

Remember: Martinite cuts of 1996, missile defence shield, Afghanistan.