Monday, May 14, 2007

Blue Skies

It's overcast today, warm and humid. There are any number of things to comment on. Magna lost the bid for Chrysler, overall job rates are stalled. Duceppe was in the bid for only 24hrs for the PQ leadership race, and the new leader says that sovereignty will have to be put on hold. The most vicious, frothing at the mouth, passionate, dedicated party in the history of our country is now focusing on team building and damage control. How long Lord, oh how long?

Our boys arrested an american sex offender here in Dorval and we're discussing whether or not he will be deported or extradited (in other words, will we kick him out or will they ask for him). Our Boreal forests are now on a watchlist facing extinction and 57 fish hatcheries have been supplied with tainted food. Don't worry though, the omega-3 you get from fish is only produced by their bodies if they eat algae, so they didn't have it anyway. We begin our no-fly list this June. In one more daring move to make air-travel even more spectacularly dismal, there is now a list in Canada of who can and cannot fly. Bets on who it'll target and don't tell me from racial profiling. If there's one white guy, just one banker I'll hand in my fins.

Doctors are beginning to interview potential patients before accepting them. The argument from the physicians themselves is that they wish to fully asses their patients' needs before accepting them. Colleges of Physicians across the country are issueing reports and guidelines specifying that discrimination is intolerable. The consulting firm that came up with the idea is framing it in terms of exceptions, ie: doctors who don't wish to deliver babies as part of their practice can recommend other doctors to pregnant patients. The firm was hired to increase profitability for doctors. My brother already sees kids in his pre-med classes who intend to be dermatologists and podiatrists. Why? Who wants to get called at 2am to do emergency surgery? Who wants those kind of hours and hassle? What kind of doctor, honestly, wants to have to deal with sick people? Cosmetic surgery makes more money anyway, so if you're going to get dirty, you may as well get paid. If I've ever seen a bid to convince doctors to endorse privatization, this is it. Couple this with the drug companies who pay premiums to doctors who prescribe their new products right off the bat and you've got yourself a system that works.

It's Monday. I'm about to submerge in a dry, dull, boring, frustrating office that offers no potential for growth, challenge or enjoyment. How do I bother on days like this? Why do I not just shut my eyes and go back to bed? It is difficult in some moments, but there is a silver lining just this morning. The playoffs continue and we're forced to root for Ottawa to bring the cup home, but once again, Canada has won the world hockey championships!

Blue skies....blueeee skieees....

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