Monday, April 30, 2007

the little people

These tiny beings take the most out of us. They build us to Goliath heights, they encourage and expand our character. We become bridges and they almost immediately rip our scaffolding our from under us. Who are these tiny, empty, cheap people who are able to bring us so low?

It's instantaneous. We go from puddle to pedestal and back again and finally we are left where we came from in the first place; dazed, dumbstruck, that inevitable question: why not me?

We all get dusty mouths from the escape routes of these tiny genocides committed on ourselves. Always know that your friend or your photograph, your instrument and your homestead will restore you. And the little people? I say grind them into gritty mush and let them dry as grout between the greystones we use to rebuild ourselves.

There is a low point but rest assured, these tiny people are entirely unreal.

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