Friday, April 27, 2007

Hail Eris

Why can't I ever buy in to the conspiracy theories out there? Not only because it inherently suggests that the people in charge of big companies and governments are competent, but it forgets one of my favourite forces: Entropy. People both powerful and powerless are perfectly capable of getting together and doing terrible things, but the time their plans last is always short (even if it feels like an eternity). Whatever plan, however perfectly laid out, however particularly thought over contains the seeds of it's own destruction. We saw that with the failed response to Katrina, a direct indication that Homeland security is a useless office without a mandate to have overtaken FEMA and other offices. Our most recent military anti-terror manual included First Nations protesters as a group to be watched and treated militarily in the same way that the Taliban is. The Globe and Mail reported it and now the manual has been rescinded and our sisters who have earned an answer or two and definitely some attention from the federal government don't appear in the manual anymore.

This is why I'm not too freaked out over John Baird. He's entertaining! The sheer girth of his incompetence cannot long be girdled by the conservative PR machine. He came out in public, bless him, to talk about lightbulbs. Not tax-havens for hybrid manufacturers and the job-creation that will encourage, not implementing tidal hydro production in the east and the north to boost the economies there while the fish stocks replenish themselves, no, his message to ordinary Canadians was on lightbulbs. This is our line in the sand, we won't take it from the massive incandescent lobby anymore!

Every plan carries the seeds of it's own destruction. The people involved in the Project for a New American Century have already begun to leave the white house in shame, no doubt to move on to other private nefariousness, but so what? Each time some backwards hypocritical right wing maniac gets a foothold anywhere, artists and local municipalities galvanize together as people who live and observe.

Eris will always, at the perfect moment, drop her golden apple in front of the avid, desperate greedheads. They will immediately see it for whatever they most desire and kill each other in a desperate attempt to get at it. We signed an agreement to monitor detainees in Afghanistan, without the knowledge of the PM! and now the cons are deep in damage control, trying to get ahead of the torture debate. Our arts budgets have been slashed as have our women's programs. This is the time for golden apple pies. Make in front of you the thing you want most. And if you're anything like me, you'll hit John Baird squarely in the face with it.

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