Friday, April 13, 2007

good morning

Shall I mention it again? The same damn thing I had to yell about yesterday? My marmalade was up all night in a personal struggle to reach the butter on a different shelf in the fridge. This morning I read that Sudanese negotiators are pushing for UN attack helicopters to help protect the UN peacekeepers in Darfur. The US is finally taking a stronger stance and my republic is nowhere to be seen. Instead of naming the genocide that is happening and going after the janjaweed, they are talking about the most archaic, brutal, nonsensical reaction to be thought up since ancient rome. Sanctions don't work. See the history of Cuba for more details. Also Iraq. How do you oppress a people with nothing? How do you suggest cutting off trade with the poorest people on the planet? What can you take from people in refugee camps? The constant threat of rape or kidnapping? We are no better. We have done nothing to convince the current government to stop killing it's own people. We have taken no lessons from the muslims and christians who lived peacefully together until the janjaweed came to slaughter them all. We have not named the genocide and Lloyd Axworthy is nowhere to be seen.

The front page of my two papers this morning showed dead soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Not only our actions but our very spirit must change.

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Craig Sauvé said...

you your Lloyd Axworthy. I guess I'd better read his book, eh?!

Surely, I agree with you that more decisive action has to be taken in Darfur. The crisis, as Al Gore points out, has its roots in economy, so if we blast their economy, how is this going to help things? I want a strong UN peacekeeping force.