Tuesday, March 20, 2007

just say no

The budget has come down and once again Duceppe has completely ruined my opinion of a usually savvy politico. He was supposed to be the troublemaker. The one who would get up in Harper's face on issue after issue, as my mp, he should have been starting some shit.

Sadly, largely because the budget is generous to Quebec (as it should be) Gilles is supporting the bill which will allow it to pass without a question of confidence. The status of women continues to deteriorate, First Nations reservations are still on boiled water advisories and Alberta's oil is subsidized at a fantastic rate which, unlike softwood, the main purchaser of the oil will never complain about.

This may well turn to a period of self-examination for me, as I am continually disappointed by the leadership of my province and this country. How is this possible? I have yet to see any initiative that makes me suspect a change for the better is coming, so where do my ridiculous expectations come from? I feel a little like Charlie Brown, always willing to believe that Lucy wouldn't yank the ball away at the last second.

Jack will oppose, so will Dion and both of them will lose support for it. They will be accused of foot dragging and it will put them in a position of damage control rather than activating their own policies. We've been talking and talking and talking about another election and this was supposed to be the moment. The budget was supposed to come down and we were supposed to say, no. This is not acceptable, we will not live in these conditions.

Instead we get a tax credit that will deplete our surplus entirely by 2009 and for what? So that suburban areas where Tories wish to activate a base will receive a tiny cut in their taxes before the next election. So that major private interests can continue to lobby parliament tax free. So that oil is not only subsidized, but considered a tax break. So that we can subtly fund the separatist movement.

We are a whole country. The economic desperation in Atlantic Canada directly affects us all. The unacceptable conditions on First Nations reservations directly affects the standard of living everywhere. The closing of the offices of the Status of Women directly affect the standard of living of families across this country. The separatist movement in Quebec affects the economic and social security of each part of Canada. As such this budget is not acceptable, nor is the leadership who proposed it.

But when will together we all say No?

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