Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We'll agree to disagree

May I take a moment out of the two upcoming elections to discuss the most disparate, wussified leadership I have seen in my 28 years in my nation's capital and here? I am flashing back to the first outcry about Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen with zero ties to any terrorist organization who was deported by the US on his way back home chez nous. He was sent to Syria and monstrously tortured for several months until finally he was returned home. At the time I recall screaming at the top of my lungs about yes, sovereignty, one of my favourite topics. At the time there were many security issues going on and a lot of us were sort of shaking our heads at our kindly but misguided neighbors wondering what on earth they were going to do next. I lost my sympathy though, when one of our own was shipped off to Syria for no good reason at all. I wanted leadership at that time, and unfortunately all I had was Paul Martin. He and his caucus, including the Ambassador to the US failed to do anything at all to get our boy back and I was outraged. No public statements were being made, no meetings appeared to be held and no firm position was being taken either way.

Flash forward, we went through an entire election, painful, dull, pointless, exhausting. Our new government has actually renamed themselves exactly that and has been changing the letterhead on all forms and documents since then. Their big deal is the fact that the last government was corrupt and according to little Stevie, these new guys are all good. We'll ignore for a moment that despite every scandal, every wasted dollar on corrupt practices we still had a decade long surplus and enough money to pay for all our fabulous Canadian social programs. We'll focus instead on the fact that as this new government is so cozy with the Bush Administration, an administration suicidally out of touch with it's own people, that our own Minister of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that we would "agree to disagree" about Mr. Arar still being on a security watch list in the US for reasons no-one can ascertain. Agree to disagree? From the boys who are all about fighting corruption in government? That means if they were in power at the time of the kidnapping (for that indeed is what it was), Maher would still be in Syria, but probably not recognizable as a human being by this point.

Agree to disagree. We didn't agree to disagree about softwood lumber, we went five times to the tribunal in charge and they agreed with us entirely until Stevie decided to cave. A truly upright David vs. the vicious Goliath to be sure. Didn't we agree to disagree that CIA planes land anonymously in Canada so that technically our airports and landing strips are being used for transporting dangerous terrorists? Well, according to their captors anyway. Agree to disagree. I don't recall agreeing to anything when the DEA asked the RCMP to deport our own citizen, a pot activist from BC because he sold legal substances over the internet. I'm fairly certain we said no on that one, and arrested him, but kept him here to be tried for.....well, not actually breaking any of our laws really.

We did indeed agree to disagree about fishing off our coasts and as such, Newfoundland has had a strong and viable economy since they joined confederation.

I find this government, particularly our PM and Foreign Affairs Minister to be irresponsible to the point of stupidity. I find them to be out-of-touch with Canadians. I find their rational for their legislative behaviour disturbing and unsettling. I suppose they would agree to disagree.


Craig Sauvé said...

Amen, sister! Can I get a hallelujah?!

Y'know, when good ol' Stevie was a member of his first political party, the Reform Party, you could respect him. Sure, they were right wing, but they had ideas, goddamit. Ideas outside of the small box that is the Fraser Institute. But now, we see it was all for naught, as these conservatives turned out to be the biggest bunch of hypocrites since, well... the Liberal Party (Tee hee hee).

Seriously, though. Appointed Fournier to Senate? Emerson crosses floor? Less transparent government?! come back, Preston, come back! REEEEEFOOOOOOORM!

Freshwater Mermaid said...


Craig Sauvé said...

just noticed that your my space logo is Ian Hanomansing. Love it. Love. It.

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Canada's most beautiful newscaster! My mum and her sister went to university with him. I have to tell you, if I'm informed, it's because he's sooooooooo hot! Bring the world to my doorstep you trinidadian desk-god you!