Monday, February 12, 2007

That's how he's gonna do it!

I've been going crazy trying to see the angles on Iran. It wasn't jiving and all the negative "new findings" about them seem to have taken place right out in the open. But this is the way, this is how the red's win south o' the border once again. The democrats have no faith in Iran but they are all running on anti-war platforms. Their troops are depleted, the country is in massive debt and Iran is tripping along nicely with their nuclear arms program. They're going to have to take military action against Iran in the the next 4-8 years, but they won't have troops back from Iraq yet and enrollment is so low they're going to have to instill a draft in order to even discuss deployment. No matter what they do they won't have enough resources of any kind to make any difference at all and the republicans will be able to come back and say, see! I told you!

Actually, any candidate would have that against them no matter the party, but a republican isn't going to win (I know, famous last words). Why does this matter chez nous? They're only in primary season, so I've got over a year to foam at the mouth on the subject. We're having an election shortly (god yes, another one) and because Iran is a million times more dangerous than Iraq ever was coupled with the fact that we already have troops in Afghanistan means that we will have to have a frank discussion about joining our neighbors since: 1. They are going to ask us publicly and make us look like assholes if we say no and 2. Iran actually does threaten the rest of the world at large. We are known for our history of refusal to engage unless absolutely necessary (except for WW1 and Korea where we got sent a lovely note inviting us to join in and we said "okay"...hey wait! those are two out of three wars we ever fought!) but this time the necessity will be obvious. A subject like this gives a reasonable seeding ground for the new conservative party and don't kid yourselves my lovlies, they are new. This is not the party of Diefenbaker, these are not fiscal conservatives. These are not people so concerned over preserving our social services by carefully balancing our books in order to consistently afford them, these are a new breed. These are vicious, hateful reptiles with cues from the south like I've never seen. Their political meetings take place at church functions, their hate-mail is covert and they can think of nothing better to persuade us mainstreamers with than blame-the-other-guy. Him, over there.

This is a time of examination. It's coming up and sooner rather than later. It reminds me of that ancient curse, "May you live in interesting times." If I were you at the moment, I'd get interested.


Craig Sauvé said...

Hey Mermaid, I have been hearing a lot of grumbling from tv news and bar-patron cynics about the imminent war in Iran, but I gotta tell ya I don't think there's much to it. To be sure, I have always been an instinct politician, but dammit, the yanks know damn well that they've no chance in being successful in opening a front in Iran. That war would be apocalypse. The pentagon (not Rummy or Dead-Eye Dick) knew Iraq would be rough, but nobody thinks Iran would be anything less than utter pandaemonium. Their army is huge and they got some serious firepower (Long Range missiles, tank divisions up the ying-yang and all sorts of other goodies). Not gonna happen -grace à Dieu!

But I agree with the tories being a sniveling little group of toadies who copy-paste ideas from the PNAC and Frasier Institute manuals (read: White house policy). Elections soon? Good. All I want for Chistmas is an NDP minority.

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Take heart in the fact that almost 100% of my predictions are wrong. And hope to hell it is again this time. How about for St. Pat's (even though I don't agree with the holiday as it celebrates a catholic monk who drove out the druid wise-men, then called serpents of wisdom.)