Friday, September 29, 2006

What truly can be done?

What can we do but embrace each other and move on? What else is there but to press our foreheads to the ground and rub cement with our palms.

And from this will come a time and certainly a full election on mandatory minimums, gun control and anti-social behaviour. How then to measure a response? What good can come of the inevitable argument ahead and how is such a measure possible? Is there nomeclature for survival? That bizarre alchemy that fuels rage with guilt and leaves no room for grief and exhaustion? How to quantify a reaction and subsequent lifestyle? What is ahead for us now? Is there an intelligent discussion to be had on the actions of this madman?

And if there is will we have it? There will be blame, and swift change. Will an obsession ensue about “safety” and the difference between feeling safe and being safe?

Will the students and teachers gain extensions to end their terms? Will the family of the gunman be held hostage? Is someone somewhere worried about next years tuition fees?

How many questions can I tabulate without the answer to the immediate why? How can such a thing happen and what will we do when we wake tomorrow and wonder how many more days there are.


orangelina said...

i love you because you speak the language of the unspeakable and put words to situations which leave the rest of us speechless.

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Scribblin pretty just fer u my sweet orange grille ;)