Friday, September 01, 2006


The little blond girl is looking at me...

There is a blond haired blue-eyed, wide eyed girl on this thing looking oh so very pleased about her decision to make her long distance call by using 00*-1-0075#1-046-11*…I don’t have enough breadcrumbs to get home. How is this reasonable? How is it that an upstart little prick company can offer simpler “easier” and certainly cheaper phone service over landlines and now the Fido network, but the STM, on whose pass they are advertising, can’t get me home when the bars close or air condition the cars?

I’m rolling over in my memory the three price hikes last year, the strike over use of pension funds and all manner of cost saving devices. I’m wondering also how the whole price structure works. Did they take the first offer and run with it? Did they charge per square inch? And what of this mysterious tax break on the monthly pass? No-one knows how it is going to be claimed, including the revenue branch of the government, nevertheless posters are everywhere! Buy the monthly pass and save save save! I wonder if an increase in sales directly increases ridership. I wonder also how much Fido got out of this deal and whether the 010227-*a-m-p-e-r-s-a-n-t company had to foot the bill for using the Fido name on the card. The company is struggling, so it’s a good bet they asked for a hefty down payment for the ultimately necessary advertisement.

And that’s my issue. The column posters were one thing. Huge, imposing, the headline news broadcast, the graphics now found on the floor, the turnstiles, the insides of cars, all of these are background. Elemental in the space of the underground. The walls of the stations and cars remain in the system but this little Trojan gets carried around by me and lives in my pocket and purse day in and day out all month. I don’t have a choice but to buy a pass in order to get around this city. I’m obviously going to spend 63$ instead of 84$ per month on the monthly pass instead of weeklys and thusly I have no choice but to interact with the long distance cheerleader every time I get my pass out to swipe it.

How dare this woman invade my world? How dare #*10-7-800-do-wah-diddy force her face into my pocket? And how dare the STM complain about money when this type of revenue is available? For gods sake, the newstands pay rent to the STM for a guarantee of traffic.

I don’t want this girl in my pocket. I don’t want to know that the STM is willing to sell that much of itself when passing itself off as a public service. And I don’t want another hike this year.


orangelina said...

to quote one mr. john lydon - "do you ever get the feeling you're being cheated?"

Freshwater Mermaid said...

You're right. I should have been less of a stickler about digits to use in the phone company name. I'll do better and make sure each time I name them, the entire line will be filled with digits and symbols. Sorry.