Monday, August 21, 2006

Why does my office life resemble CNN?

Security Watch: Day 4.

Day 1 was Friday. How do I even…I don’t want to write about work. I don’t want to spend valuable time on the phone with my friends talking about things other than our lives and what is important to us. I certainly don’t intend to spend therapy money on time talking about this self-important prick, but there it is. So now I have gone through what should be a simple, easy confirmation with him that has in fact been a nightmare that is now going into Day 5.

I don’t enjoy the conversations about a job site turning into screaming matches. I can usually keep my cool if necessary, but this went way too far. Why is it so difficult for professionalism to be the norm? What good can come of name-calling and personalizing an issue? I don’t feel I should need to call the director of my department to babysit a man triple my age, but there it is. He’s a prick and there’s no getting around it. There are pricks in this world, and until a short while ago, you could post your favourite office nonsense story on It must have gotten out of hand because finally the posting parts ceased. I read many a story confirming and mostly surpassing mine in the apparent refinement of humans misbehaving and not in the fun way. Is this where bullies really end up? Are these where the hall monitors and finger pointers went to in adulthood? For what good reason should this type of behaviour be so commonplace? Why should I have to tell this particular shithead that I am not interested in why he thinks racial profiling is a good idea and that he should not at all be bringing that up in the workplace?

Are we this complacent? Have we found ourselves either so tired or so desensitized that we don’t care anymore when other people are jackasses? I tell these stories so often and the response is always, well there’s always bullshit in an office. Why does this have to be so? Is it more that there is just bullshit everywhere and most of us work in offices so we perceive them as fertile breeding grounds, concentrations of self-important nonsense? Perhaps. I nevertheless must dig deep and discover my own TRUE GRIT. For he shall not merit the ripped skin of my palms; it is not so base as to tear for his toil.

Security watch: Day 5.

As I confirmed this already last week, all’s quiet. Too quiet.


orangelina said...

oh god...tears for you. good luck in the trenches. fight the good fight darling.
if you need backup i can bring a rolling-pin.

Warren said...

there is a girl I miss in a faraway land

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Warren Warren Warren Warren....WAAAAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!


click on my lil emailie thing on the links side and drop me a line yo!

Freshwater Mermaid said...

Ah sweet Tangerina, I just don't know anymore. We've gone beyond the pale with this one. I may need more than a rolling pin, but even that is escalation beyond what I can easily imagine. Maybe something big will fall on him...

He doesn't deserve this! I shouldn't be this preoccupied with someone so horrible. He's even hijacking my not at work life! sonofa bitch...