Sunday, August 13, 2006

airport security my aunt fanny...

Is there a drinking song about adding baggage security?

So here we are again tromping along in the giant’s footsteps. The spokeswoman for the Transport Canada said specifically that the move on banning aerosols, creams, juices and other liquids this weekend, past the 48 hour speculation after the thwarted attack last week, was in order to “harmonize with the U.S.”. I can’t imagine a scenario by which mimicking the pointless measures taken for extra-security by a panic stricken neighbor is the role or mission of Transport Canada, but there you have it. And who is mentioning this publicly? Travellers are annoyed at the extra delays, but no-one seems perturbed by the fact that we are not currently the target of those who allegedly plotted to bomb the UK planes and that these “extra security measures” have no impact whatsoever on our safety or well-being. These are measures taken in the absence of leadership, a vaccum of policy which engenders nothing but contempt for our own established procedures and envy of those close to us who appear to take action. While wu-wei can be the enlightened achievement of a purpose by inaction, this zen-like pattern recognition of how to behave in our own culture is becoming all to familiar, all too acceptable, all too known. This is not the way for a reasonable culture to behave, and despite the opposition, despite the freer media, despite the public outcry, I worry that four years is too long. I worry that these actions will take hold in that time and become normal. I worry that the next administration will be just like this, and I worry that when a third level security feature is added to my bag check in case there is contraband or nuclear materials in my tan-suede carryall, I worry that it will be familiar and not at all a surprise.

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