Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pirates of the Carribean

Saw the second POTC flick last weekend. ...here are my thoughts.

So the great terror in the deeps of the sea is Davy Jones, three-tentacled-obsession with his gigantic organ. A huge rachet hammer he has to plunge into the water and summon his Kraken. Again with the giant octopuses. Davy was a jolly barman who would lock people in his barrels and throw them off the side of his boat. A jovial satan with smoke from his nostrils and horns on, well, his head at least.
Nemo tricked his crew into signing on forever and refused to land but aided every so often the landlocked subteranean canine. Ahab didn’t bother fooling anyone and just kept his eyes on the prize, both hands firmly gripping his sturdy, long harpoon. Would the Flying Dutchman have more quickly caught up with Cthulu? Or would the white whale have taunted even them and turned up it’s blowhole? The use of the East India Trading Company only adds to the story that these surface sea-miners skip and drag along the tension of the water and occasionally beach themselves for the fun of the hunt, those nautical cartographers who fill in the blanks with assumed possession. How similar to the erratic and narrow land accumulations performed by their stronglegged counterparts. How simple to trick each other into deals with the devil of the deep while behind their backs the varying treasures are carried off by the even simpler-minded. These self-obsessed sailors with narrow views of organs and tunnels, small holes and keys, chests and covenants and the chase. These mild male miners who chase each other across the dense, tense water. This story based on a ride, based on a story, imagined by a deadman. Disney, Verne, Melville, truly these seamen are the great master-baiters.

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