Thursday, July 13, 2006

a lil peekie

orangelina, ask and you shall recieve! Here is a lil coming attraction from something I am scribbling at the moment. This is one of the few parts totally gestated which can be shared safely. Look, you can see an ear!

“you made me sleep in a Jeva you sonofabitch” I thought, but I could only aspirate the instruction to get me to the emergency fishbowl. Once there I started an oxygen treatment. Lying back I could feel flat sheets abraid my dorsal fin. I wished my toes were dipping in lakewater like his were at the time. Pure O bubbles through liquid salbutamol into my lungs and my wings fold back into my skin so I can rest. It takes about fifteen minutes and then if you get another one, which I did, you have to wait in between them. Sal makes you really hyper and wildly increases your blood pressure. You heart races and you get all red, you can’t focus and you keep blinking. There’s probably a market for it as the emotional equivalent of viagra. It was an exhausting plastic mask brought on by a man’s inconsideration, so to me it was just like falling in love.
The build up of pressure in your head when you fight to breathe is immense. Every time they end I’m convinced my eyes will fall out of their sockets exhausted and dry. My neck tendons stretch and a part of me is convinced every time that gills are coming, I just need the right hormone.
Got into emergency all tingly early Monday morning. It was quiet and white with instruments when the light hum of fluorescent lighting was overruled by a loudish face mask fan. Air bubbled up through the liquid sal at the bottom feed line and elastic left a mark around my face. Shaky hands removed it and I left with the jitters but able to breathe. Got back to grandma’s with sleepy eyes and some pills that make yer skin crackle when you take them. missed ya, thought of how much I would prefer to breathe fresh lake air than dusty second floor fumes. Better later in the a.m. when tea and sleepy sunrise lit our breakfast table. More pills and inhalations lungs all calm now. Stayed sleepy till I got home and lizards looked as if to say, oh…it’s you. Snuggled Lewis in my comfy bed and slept much better back at home, no dust no cat no plans but coffee set on automatic so it wakes in the morning with acrid reassurance. Breathed easy this am and now home beckons once again…

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orangelina said...

I am so anxious to read more! This is fascinating...again, so relatable in a very abstract way.
I love reading your work, thank you for sharing it with me (and everyone else).